Role of Bright Bars in global market

    Bright Bars steel has become a huge success among the industries that are involved in manufacturing and production business. Nearly all the engineering based industries have taken up this kind of steel for their business. As the popularity for the steel increased, the number of retailers and vendors involved in this business also increased in the past few years. Before moving ahead to the global scenario for Bright Bars, it is important to know what these are actually and how beneficial it has turned out to be for the industries.

    What are Bright Bars?

    As the name suggests, compared to other varieties of steel in the market, these Bright Bars have a smooth and a shiny exterior. The diameter of these bars range from about 3 mm to 100 mm and is currently being used in several industries worldwide. These Bright Bars that are being sold in the market are of two types. They are,

    • Cold drawn Bright Bars
    • Peeled and turned Bright Bars

    The difference between the two types of Bright Bars arises when it comes to the finish of the bars after the production is over.

    Cold drawn Bright Bars:

    The hot rolled steel bars are pickled and drawn through a tungsten carbide die. As no heating is required, these bars are called as the cold drawn bars after the finishing is completed.

    Peeled and turned Bright Bars:

    The hot rolled steel bar is fed into a turning machine that cuts the bar to the required diameter. In this, the exterior surface of the hot rolled steel is removed inside the turning machine. During this process, no heating is provided in the steel bar.

    Apart from this, the two varieties of Bright Bars can be made into the specified shape and diameter that the client has provided to the manufacturer. Some of the commonly available Bright Bars shapes are,

    • Round steel bars
    • Flat steel in the form of rectangular bars
    • Hexagonal steel in the form of flat bars
    • Square shaped steel bars

    If the client has any other specification for the shape, the manufacturer can prepare the Bright Bars according to the drawing profile that has been provided by the industry.

    Benefits of Bright Bars

    When compared to the hot rolled steel bars the Bright Bars have better mechanical properties. It can also be seen that the tolerance limit for the diameter of the Bright Bars is just 0.10 mm, which is less when compared to that of the hot rolled steel bars.

    Role in the market

    Globally, all kinds of Bright Bars, like free cutting, mild steel, carbon steel and alloy steel are being used in a wide range of industries like,

    • Building parts for the automobile industry
    • Heavy Engineering Industries
    • Industries involved in making arms and ammunitions for defense
    • Telecom industry
    • Electrical appliances industry
    • Textile machine manufacturing