How To Set up a Bright Bar Manufacturing Plant in India

    Bright Bar Manufacturing Plant in India

    India is home to a large number of industries of various types. It has a huge market for bright steel bars. As you can guess by its name these are shiny steel bars that have a smooth surface. Bright bars have better mechanical properties as compared to the traditional hot steel bars. These are used majorly the automobile industry, telecom industry, textile industry, arms and ammunitions, etc. Their major benefits include; they are rust-free, they are lighter in weight, resistant to heat, cold and rains. There is no such segment in the human life that can proceed further without the help of stainless steel. The ultimate benefit of this metal is hygienic and rust free and resistant to heat, cold and rains as well. Both residential application and industrial applications rely heavily on these useful products to a great extent.

    With a number of automobiles companies setting up their manufacturing plants in India, it is estimated that the demand for “Bright Steel Bars” in automobile industry alone will see a hike of 20% per annum. The total size of the bright bar market in India is estimated to be 600,000 metric tons per annum. But, the share of different parts of India is not uniform as South India constituting 40% of the total market. The North and West India shares the rest of the 60% together.

    This clearly shows that the time is right for setting up of bright bar manufacturing plants in India. But, to set up a bright bar plant there are a number of things that one need to follow:

        1. The facility must be located at a convenient location where the raw materials could easily reach. Most of the manufacturers of bright bars are in urban areas of India, mainly in metropolitan cities. Doing this would also allow the plant to disperse the products easily to the destinations.

        2. The Research and Development department must be in place to enhance the working of the company and discover better ways to give faster results and thereby increasing the business potential of the company.

        3. There must be a good “Quality Assurance” department too to offer top quality products to the clients and customers. There are a number of tests that need to be carried out before the final product is ready to go to market. Besides, having a quality product would always be beneficial in creating a strong and loyal clientele.

        4. The most important aspect of establishing a healthy business in the field of bright bars is having a hard working and innovative marketing and sales department. In particular, today’s marketing guys need to be well-versed with the digital marketing, as this is the future of marketing for any product based industry.

    As the competition is quite tough in the market because of established players like Omega, Mahalakshmi, Hindustan Industries, etc., to name a few. The new entries would need to work hard and relentlessly towards establishing a name for their products. With this point we feel now you have a fair bit of understanding on “How to set up a bright bar manufacturing plant in India”. These are just major ones and there is always scope to add more during a course of time.