How to find the right bright bars manufacturer?

    bright bars manufacturer in pune

    Among the bright bars available, there are many categories that vary from each other in several properties. While some have a better strength, a few others have better malleability to provide an easier way to cut and shape.

    If you are interested in getting bright bars made available for your own manufacturing and production process, you need to opt for a manufacturer that offers the below variety of bright bars to suit your custom needs -

    Mild Steel Bright Bars

    Like most of the varieties of bright bars, this variety is available in round, hexagonal as well as squares and rectangles. These can be easily cut and shaped and have average strength. However, they are also low on cost. This variety is available in the range of 2-80mm diameter, 6-60mm in case of hexagons, 6-75mm for the square variety and 16X4 to 75X50 mm for flat varieties.

    Alloy Steel Bars

    They are among the superior quality of bright bars. They are super strong and at the same time semi-elastic in nature which adds to their versatility. They are however on the costlier side owing to their beneficial properties. They are available in varieties of 5-80mm in diameter, 16-50mm in case of hexagons and can be customised for squares and flat varieties.

    Carbon Steel Bars

    These are among the strongest varieties of steel bars available. The carbon content adds largely to the strength. These bright bar varieties are used in construction and other heavy engineering applications. They are available in the range of 5-80mm in diameter, 8-55mm for hexagons, and can be customised as per requirement for square and flat varieties. They are however among the costliest of the products in this range.

    Free Cutting Steel Bright Bars

    These steel bars are easy to cut. They are the most ductile and malleable of the varieties although they can withstand quite a bit of strength. They are available in the range of 5-80mm diameter, 6-80mm for hexagon varieties, and as per customization in case of squares and flat varieties.

    Case Hardening Steel Bars

    These varieties carry optimised properties in terms of strength and durability as well as ease of use. They are available in the range of 6-80mm diameter in the round cross sectional shape, while for the hexagonal, square and flat ones, customisation as per requirement is possible.

    In addition to the product versatility, you can check their experience in bright bars manufacturing. You can also check their QA process to determine their credibility. Also if possible ask around with other clients of the manufacturer and assess how they are doing in terms of inventory, timely supply, and quality of the bright bars supplied. Together, these factors will help you make the right decision about the bright bar manufacturer to go with.

    While there are numbers of bright bars manufacturer available today in the country, there are only a few that match up the highest requirements in technical specifications along with an affordable price. The Hindustan Ferro (HFAIPL) from Pune is one of the leading manufacturers that can offer the best of varieties with competitive prices. The range of offerings available here can suit the need for many industries requiring steel bright bars for various applications and end uses.