Donald Trump is all talk about the steel industry; look at his actions

    To the people of the Monongahela Valley, do not be deceived. Donald Trump’s statements that he will revitalize the steel industries in Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley are without merit.

    A little searching on the internet found this fact from the political action committee American Bridge 21st Century: “While Trump is spouting off about the advantages of American steel, he chose to build Trump Tower with reinforced concrete instead of Pennsylvania steel to save money. Trump continues to prove he’s only out for himself, not working families.”

    Mr. Trump also used about 200 undocumented immigrant Polish workers in the building of Trump Tower.

    Mr. Trump is a narcissist bully, who will say and do anything to get his way. He will say what the people he is talking to want to hear, and not the truth.

    Do not buy the snake oil he is selling. Check the facts, and do some research before deciding whom you will vote for this November.

    The people of Monessen and the Mon Valley should not look to the past but to the future in the 21st century and reinvent themselves.

Source: post-gazette