What are application and uses of bright bars?

    1018 MS Bright Round Bar

    Application and Uses of bright steel bars

    Bright bars are steel bars which are geometrically in precise shape and have tolerance which is tight dimensional. Its surface finish is smooth and shiny, which appears to be bright. Bright steel bars have several uses and applications. Bright bars are available in rounds, flats, hexagonal and squares.

    These bars are crafted in many grades and different process of manufacturing is used depending on the form of application and designs. Bright bars are manufactured in ultimate quality, which is why they are so popular with our clients. We produce Industrial grade bright bars in Carbon steel, Mild steel, Case nitriding and hardening, Micro alloyed, alloy steel, graded steel, free cuts which are carbon free or customized bright bars according to client’s requirement.

    Our steel plant is fitted with ultra modern production technologies which go through modern processes of making steel. High quality manufacturing process teamed up with modern facilities has provided us the reputation of being top-rate manufacturers and exporters in the country.

    Our manufacturing unit has facilities like testing the materials, straightness conformity, cutting the bars according to particular size, grinding, weight accuracy, proper test certificates, coil to coil drawing, accurate documentation and prompt deliveries. We have quality check performed during each step of production and the storage is done in proper manner to ensure delivery of finest quality goods.

    Bright steel bars are used in below stated sectors and industries:

    • Automobile Industries: Automobile industry majorly requires bright bars as they are required in making nuts, bolts, shafts and all the constituents of engines. For this purpose special grade of bright bars are required.

    • Heavy engineering Industries: used in making heavy machines and tools for manufacturing various products.

    • Textile industry uses the bars for manufacturing machines required to make textiles

    • Electric pumps and electric motors require bright steel bars

    • Railway engines and coaches are made with usage of steel bright bars

    • Army and defense sector require the bars for making arms and ammunitions

    • Agricultural sector uses the bright bars to make machinery and equipment required for agriculture.

    • Sports and health equipment are also crafted from bright steel bars

    • Various types of machineries are manufactured, using bright bars

    • Splendid decorative furniture and lamps are fabricated out of them

    • These steel bars are used in manufacturing gears, bearings and hinges

    • All the fixtures, tools and hoses are made with usage of bright steel bars

    • Cold headed components are also drafted from the bright bars

    • Bright steel bars are also used in the food processing industry for manufacturing machines.

    • Oil and petroleum industry requires bright steel bars

    • These bars are used during mining process

    • Bright bars are used making conveyor shafts

    Bright steel bars are massively used in producing mechanical parts owing to its paramount properties in mechanical and dimensional fields. These bars can be fabricated into any other customized shape, according to the demand of clients. Bright bars are processed in diverse materials like alloy steel, MS & carbon steel or tool and die steel.