Uses of Bright Bars in Automobile Industry

    Mild Steel

    Bright bars are fabricated steel bars made in specific measurement, shape and size according to client’s demand. These bars are plain and shiny due to which they are called bright bars. With high tensile strength, bright bars are used in many industries throughout the world. Shapes in which they are crafted are rounds, squares, flats and hexagonal. The shape can also be customized as per client’s demands. Every grade of the bars has a different manufacturing process and mixing of alloys. Our company is dedicated to manufacturing high quality bright steel bars in several grades, shapes and sizes. The automobile industry is quite dependent on bright bars to manufacture engine parts of cars, buses or trucks. With usage of bright bars, the auto industry has improved its products due to its many qualities like corrosion resistant, high tensile strength etc. The bars are forged to make auto parts and several shapes can be constructed out of them.

    The automobile industry has been using steel bars abundantly for a long time and with steel usage, manufacturers have attained high standards of safety and strength in vehicles at affordable prices as compared to other materials. Automobile industry consumes around 12 percent of steel consumption globally. About 60 percent of the automobile weight is due to steel present in it. Although main steel product used in automobiles is steel sheets to make hoods, doors, bumpers etc. But bright steel bars are used in manufacturing the auto parts which are fitted inside the car machinery. These bars have high tenacity, mechanical resistance and wear resistance due to which they can be used in manufacturing engine related parts, suspensions and transmissions.

    Bright steel bars are used in automobile construction to make vital component parts of cars and trucks. These bars remain corrosion resistant and are used in crafting catalytic converters and exhaust silencers which are rust proof. After several trials of other products and various types of coatings, only steel bars have proved to be successful in preventing rusting problems. It is a contemporary and affordable solution to many problems. Steel bars are the future of automobile construction with its exceptional mechanical properties of absorbing great energy during collisions. Bright steel bars are quite advantageous in the field of automobiles with practicality, safety and affordability.

    Bright bars are used to make many auto engine parts of cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes etc. They are used in making:

    •Bicycle rims

    •A-pillar used in car doors

    •Bodies of buses

    •Exhaust system

    •Cycle parts

    •Motor shafts

    •Moped parts

    •Fuel union component

    •Motorbike frame and exhaust

    •Motorcycle wheel rim

    •Silencer wool

    •Truck and trailer parts

    •Silencer wool in scooters

    •Hand tools



    •Bicycle Spindles


    •Nuts, bolts and screws

    The main constituents of engines of automobiles like nuts, bolts and shafts are crafted out of bright steel bars. Bright bars are used in making exhaust valves for combustion engines. Certain grades of bars are required to make them. Cars running on Hydrogen need high pressure tanks and these are made with usage of bright steel bars which can confront challenges of facing Hydrogen. Automotive exhausts require silencer wool to decrease emission of noise from vehicles, so this wool is made after chipping the bars from the surface very thinly.