Five Unbelievable Facts About Bright Bars


    Bright Bars are the premier choice of manufacturing and production businesses. It’s the best material due to various incomparable properties and superior performance. Here are the five unbelievable facts about bright bars.


    Ductility is the measure of the degree of a material that can strain or elongate without fracture. Bright bars are ductile, malleable, flexible and easy to cut. At the same time, they can withstand the strength as they are composed of high-quality materials. Due to their ease, they can turn into any shape as per requirement. Also, can be shaped and welded easily. They can increase the life of the machine with ductile grades as well as reduce corrosion related problems with oxide-free bar surfaces. This is the main reason for the industries use this material in the manufacturing processes.

    Cost Effective

    Bright bars have large applications in the global market, including Building parts for the automobile industry, making arms for defense, heavy engineering Industries, telecom industry, electrical appliances and textile machinery manufacturing. Due to their magnetic mechanical properties and high dimensional accuracy, can use with any machine. Surface integrity and high machinability make it the perfect material for the manufacturing saving the wear and tear costs. The secret behind its affordability is its carbon content which ranges between 0.16 and 0.29 mild steel and perfect balance of strength and malleability. So this fact makes it possible for many manufacturing plants and construction to use them and save the expensive costs.


    Another important fact about Bright bars is high durability and resistant to corrosion. The most common means of providing protection for corrosion is by painting or galvanization. The degree and type of coating protection depend on the exposure conditions, location, use, design, etc. In most of the cases, usage under internal and dry situations require no corrosion protection but only an appropriate fire protection.


    Bright Bars that are made up of mild steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing their quality and due to its mechanical properties. It can easily recover from unsorted waste so choosing it can prove to be beneficial in more than one way. Whenever there are many projects or bulk requirements, you can make it to the end use. The main use of the recycling process doesn’t affect the original quality of the metal. And your mild bars will retain its basic properties.


    They are available in various forms, including mild steel bars, carbon steel bars, free cutting steel, case hardening steel and alloy steel. Each form has its own features, utilization options and benefits. According to the requirement of the business, they can be customized in different sizes and dimensions, including hexagonal, round, flat and square. They have highly consistent cross-section surfaces due to the straightness and bar end conditions which make it dimensional accuracy better. Also, eliminate the machine adjustments problems due to size availability. In addition, improves the work loading and fixturing compatibility.

    So due to these unbelievable facts, it is an effective material to be used in your business. Contact us to purchase bright bars.