5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Round Bars

    round bars

    Although polymers are fast replacing metals in many uses, yet they cannot completely eradicate the usability offered by metallic parts. The metals have certain properties that can never be matched by polymers. The most important of it is perhaps the load bearing capacity and strength of metal bars.

    When it comes to metals, iron and steel are the first choices, because of easier availability as well as affordable cost. Among the steel bars most used in construction and other engineering jobs, the round bars are extremely popular because of their versatility. Here are 5 points you must know about the round steel bars:-

    Strength and Tenacity

    The foremost of the properties of a steel round bar is its strength. This is the basic reason why steel is preferred over others, and the more the load bearing capacity of the bars, the more are they preferred for the engineering jobs. The load needed may vary depending on the end use. For instance, the round bars required for construction have to be tougher than the ones needed for automobile industries.

    Elasticity, Elongation, and Retraction

    The round bar must be elastic in nature, although within limits. Earlier, elasticity was not a prime concern but its absence it created weak points along its length over time that used to give in when the load was extreme. Today, the need is durability, especially in construction where the aim has been to make them earthquake proof. For such a requirement, the rods have to be elastic within limits. Not only that, they must also be able to come back to original shape and dimension after the external force is removed. A person must thus know the range of extension required for a particular end use and choose the round bars accordingly.


    This is perhaps the most noticeable parameter of choice. It directly affects the load bearing capacity of the round bar. But while choosing, the diameter has to be matched against the need of the situation. While thicker diameters may be preferred for construction and heavy engineering works, the thinner ones are preferred for automobiles and other light industry purposes. Generally, it varies from 6mm to 60mm.

    Malleability and Ductility

    A steel product is generally desired to be malleable and ductile. This enhances its user friendliness. More favorable these properties are, easier it is to cut and shape the round bars as required. However, too much of these properties can again affect in diminishing the strength, which is to be avoided in most cases. Thus, an individual buying a round steel bar must have a fair idea about the requirements of properties for the end usage.

    End use

    While choosing a round bar, the most important thing is the end usage. It determines the requirements of the desired properties along with optimizing the cost. A buyer can avoid paying higher by choosing extremely good properties and can bring down the cost by opting for the lower limits for properties that are above the safety level by knowing about the exact technical requirements of the end usage.

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