4 Reasons Why You Should Use High Quality Mild Steel

    Heavy engineering and construction industries are always on the lookout for high-quality steel for a gamut of projects. While doing so, most of them look for high-performance, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. And what better than mild steel can turn out to be the best options for them.

    With extensive applications across industry verticals, mild steel is one of the most preferred choices for a diverse array of industrial projects. From motorcycle spokes to utensils, mild steel finds application in innumerable areas.

    Hindustan Ferro is an established market player providing high quality products such as Bright Bars, Carbon Steel Bars, Mild Steel Bars and Alloy Steel Bars since 1970.

    The malleability of mild steel happens to be one of its prime benefits. You can easily modify it, thus making it into any shape or size. That proves to be highly beneficial while working on varied projects.

    Other than that, here are some more reasons for choosing high-quality mild steel over other options.

    1. Flexibility to weld

    When it comes to welding, industrial welders find it easier to work with mild steel than with its other counterparts. The inherent properties and internal structure of the material allow electric currents to pass through, without damaging or changing the ‘make-up’ of the metal.

    As the result, you won’t have to put too much of efforts in employing specific welding techniques as in case of stainless steel. And that will inevitably lead to a major cost cut-down for

    2. Cost-effective

    From cookware and daily-use utensils to motorcycle frames and auto-mobile chassis, mild steel finds application in a variety of industrial projects. And what according to you can be the potential reason for its widespread use and popularity?

    Well, it’s the cost effectiveness of the metal that makes it the best option for innumerable projects. While delving deeper into finding the reasons for its affordability, you will come across the carbon content of mild steel.

    With carbon content between 0.16 and 0.29, mild steel offers the perfect balance of strength and malleability. Manufacturing plants and construction experts can use it for numerous purposes sans the incredibly expensive costs.

    3. Ductility

    The process of deforming materials by elongation is referred to as ductility. Metals with high tensile strength can undergo deformations up to 15% before they get permanently distorted and are irreversible to their original shapes. High quality mild steel offers optimum flexibility to users and can be stretched, bent, welded and reshaped conveniently.

    4. The gift of recycling

    Choosing mild steel can prove to be beneficial in ways more than one. Whenever there are too many projects or bulk requirements, you can recycle scrapped mild steel and produce more of it.

    Most importantly, the recycling process will in no way affect the original quality of the metal. And your mild steel sheets or bars will retain their intrinsic properties.

    Apart from that, this particular industrial construction material has exceptional magnetic properties. It’s easily recoverable from unsorted wastes, and you can recycle it at minimum costs.

    Shop for mild steel

    It’s because of these reasons that investing in mild steel will turn out to be a worthwhile affair. If you are planning to purchase top quality mild steel bars or sheets, it will be wise to shop from the leading sellers in the market, such as Hindustan Ferro.